Topic outline

  • What is EMS?

    Daraz EMS is an E-store management system that helps you to manage your deals / coupons on Daraz easily, EMS is used only for the local vouchers category.
    • How can I add my deals through EMS?

      You can add your deals through EMS by following the below steps:

      1. Tap on ‘Menu’ & select ‘Add deals’

      2. Enter your deal Name & select relevant category

      3. Enter your deal’s highlights in bullet points

      4. Enter the description to make your deal attractive

      5. Set the price & enter the stock

      6. Upload your deal’s image & tap on ‘Submit’

      • How can I manage the deals on EMS?

        EMS lets you manage the deals easily. You can manage the prices, stock & availability of all your deals through EMS.

        • Tap on ‘Manage deals’ from the menu
        • Click on ‘Edit’
        • You can now change the stock or price of the deal.
        • How do I process my orders through EMS?

          Your orders will be directly dispatched and delivered to customer, via QR Code email. You can scan the QR code through EMS to check the validity and redemption of it.
          • What are the benefits of using EMS?

            EMS enables you to manage your deals & add new deals in your shop. It will also allow you to redeem the QR codes that have automatically been sent to the customers on ordering your deals.
            • How can I redeem the QR code through EMS?

              You’ll see “Scan Now” on the screen upon opening the app.
              Tap the ‘Scan Now’ button on the screen & position the QR code in the blue box.
              The voucher details will appear on the screen, verify the details & tap the ‘Redeem’ button.
              • Can 1 QR code be redeemed multiple times?

                For every delivered order, unique QR codes will be sent that can only be redeemed once. On redeeming it for the second time you will get an error.
                • Can I check all the redeemed vouchers in EMS?

                  Yes, you can check all your redeemed vouchers in EMS under the Menu.
                  Just tap on ‘Menu’ then select ‘redeemed vouchers’ a list of all the redeemed vouchers along with the date will appear.
                  • Can I scan Multiple QR codes at the same time?

                    You can only scan one QR code at a time
                    To scan another QR code, Tap the ‘Scan Another voucher’ button on the screen.