Topic outline

  • What does Digital Advertising service offer sellers?

    The Digital advertising platform enables sellers to advertise their Daraz SKUs on Google and Facebook.
    • How does the budget work for these services?

      You will have three budget options available:

      • Prepaid: You can purchase the budget you want to spend (click here to buy). This amount will reflect in your account the next day.

      • Postpaid: You will have a certain amount available on this budget. This will refresh bi-monthly, and the amount of this budget used will be deducted from your account statement.

      Daraz Bonus: Subject to Daraz and open to certain sellers only This amount is paid for by Daraz.

      • How will these budgets be spent?

        The priority of spending these budgets is set within the system so that:

        • Daraz Bonus is spent first

        • Once Daraz Bonus is finished, then postpaid is spent

        Once postpaid budget is finished, then prepaid is spent

        • Is the budget I set the total I want to spend on it?

          The budget you decide when spending on advertising is based on how much you want to spend daily for e.g if you choose 1000PKR then the 1000PKR will be spent everyday on advertising until your budget has finished.

          • Does my prepaid budget expire?

            No. This will only finish when you have used up your budget.
            • Does my postpaid budget expire?

              Yes. This amount is refreshed bi-monthly.

              • Can I deactivate any advertisements running?

                Yes. You can deactivate any advertisement you have running.

                • I bought the prepaid SKU but it is not showing any balance on my advertising account.

                  It takes 24 hours for the amount to reflect on your account.

                  • How can I check performance?

                    Once you have created the advertisement, the performance of the advertisement will be available on your dashboard for “Seller Services-Digital Advertising”.

                    • Why don’t my products show when I go to “Select Products”?

                      Your product quality may not be up to Daraz Standard. Please ensure your products meet the following criteria and are live and quality approved.

                      • Brand name: Including the brand name in the title will help customers find your product on the website using the search function. 

                      • Category name: Including the category name in the product will help customers find your product on the website  using the search function.

                      • Attribute fill-rate: Filling more product fields when creating a product will provide the customer more information to make a purchase and increase your sales.

                      • Title length: The current product title is too long / too short. Keep the product title complete, but brief, to easily allow customers to find your listing. 

                      • Highlight length: Highlights are the main focus for a customer when they’re viewing your product. Include all the features of your product here, so that the customers can make an informed decision quickly.