Topic outline

  • How do I find messages that I have not responded to?

    If you are using a Desktop, you can find messages by clicking on the Chat Button on the lower right hand corner of your screen.
    If using the Daraz Seller App, you can simply click on Messages at the bottom of your screen and access the message board.

    • How do I improve my Response Rate?

      Response Rate is calculated as the percentage of chats that you respond to within your working hours on the same day. Improving response rate is critical to chat performance. You should then look for unresponded messages and reply within your working hours.
      • How do I improve my Response Time?

        Response Time is calculated as per messages replied to within working hours of the same day. Like Response rate, this shows up on your store page and affects how many messages you get from Customers. It is considered as a best practice that you reply to all queries within thirty minutes of receiving them.

        • How do I report a message from buyer?

          If a buyer uses an inappropriate tone or violates the chat policies, you can bring it to our attention through Daraz Seller Support Centre or raise the complaint on our Contact us form. 

          • What are the IM Chat Policies?

            • Sellers are not allowed to redirect buyers to purchase from other websites out of Daraz. Sellers are not allowed to induce buyers to conduct offline transactions.

            • Sellers are not allowed to send spam messages (a message that the recipient did not request for) to Daraz buyers via any communication space within or out of Daraz platform.
            • Please refrain from using threatening language, profanities or hate speech in your communications with the buyer.
            • Please do not exchange personal contact numbers, email addresses or web addresses(any external link) with the buyer. 
            • All sellers are required to respond to buyers within the agreed time frame as part of all sellers’ commitment to be trustworthy and reliable.
            • Standard SLA to reply to a customer query will be within working hours.
            • Self Promotion is prohibited: Sellers are not allowed to conduct fake conversations with intentions to increase their performance, in one way or another, on Daraz platform.

            • What are the penalties for violating Chat Policies?

              The Penalties for violating Chat policies will lead to a permanent delisting of your shop from Daraz. 

              Attached below is a table that highlights the penalty per abuse. 

              • How do I respond to a Customer Query regarding Delivery and Sales?

                If a customer messages you regarding a query that is being handled by Daraz such as Delivery Time or Product Return or Daraz Wallet, you can refer them to the UAN Number for Daraz Customer Support Centre.

                • How do I send Vouchers on Chat?

                  Instant Messaging allows you to send customized vouchers to each customer based on your history with the customer and the agreement you reach in Chat. You can avail the Voucher option at the top right hand column of your Message board under the option of Voucher.

                  • How do I setup Quick Replies?

                    If you want to improve your response rate, you can setup quick messages that you can send to Customers when they send in an inquiry. You can set up quick replies by accessing the settings Icon on the top left hand corner of your Instant Messaging window and writing in your customized messages. You can select upto six quick replies.

                    • How do I set/Change working hours?

                      You can set up your own working and edit them by clicking the Settings Icon on the Top Left Hand Corner of your Instant Messaging window and coming on the User Management Tab.