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  • What is shipping weight ?

    Shipping weight is the Chargeable weight calculated as the actual weight (gross weight) OR the dimensional (volumetric) weight of a parcel, whichever is higher. The chargeable weight is then used to calculate your shipping fees.
    • What is Shipping Fee (Charged by Daraz) and Shipping Fee (Paid by Customer)?

      All transactions on Daraz involves a shipping fee. This can either be paid by the customer, or shouldered by the seller through a free shipping promotion.

      Shipping Fee (Paid by Customer) is applied as a credit to the Account Statement. The amount is the one that shows up during the customer’s checkout process.

      Shipping Fee (Charged by Daraz) is applied as a debit (or deduction) to the Account Statement. The amount is based on actual weight as measured by the sorting center (for DEX pickups) or by our 3rd-party logistics partners (for non-DEX pickups).

      In an ideal scenario, both debit and credit amounts are the same (where there was no free shipping promo).
      • Will shipping charges be according to gross weight or volumetric weight?

        Shipping charges will be applied to the gross weight or volumetric weight, whichever is greater.

        • Where can I purchase packaging material to pack my products?

          You can purchase all your packaging material for your Daraz orders from Daraz’s website by clicking here.
          • Where are the weight and dimensions of the product mentioned by the seller?

            You have to fill in the accurate weight and dimensions of your products while you are listing your product on Seller Center. You may follow the steps given below to list your products and input packaging weight details:

            Step 1: Login to your Seller Center Account with your registered Email ID and Password
            Step 2: Go to the Products Tab and Click on Add a Product
            Step 3: You will arrive at the product page, fill in all the details of your product including Package Weight and the dimensions.

            Click here to view a detailed tutorial on the product listing.
            • Where can I check the Shipping Cost Details / Rate Card?

              You can view the new Shipping Rate Card on Seller Center by following the steps listed below:

              Step 1: Login to your Seller Center Account with your registered Email ID and Password
              Step 2: Go to the Promotions Tab and click on Free Shipping
              Step 3: Now click on Rate Card to view the Shipping Cost Details.

              You may also view the shipping cost details / Rate Card while listing products on Seller Center. Upon adding the package weight and dimensions for your product, you will see an option appearing “ View Shipping Cost Details”, click on this option to view a table showing shipping cost details.
              • What is the impact of Shipping Weight on Shipping Charges?

                There are consequences of not filling in the correct weights and dimensions of your products which include:

                Impact on Payout: If the actual shipping fee exceeds the estimated fee due to incorrect weight or dimensions, then the difference shall be borne by the seller and will be deducted from their next payout.

                Low Sales: Customers will see incorrect shipping fee which may be higher. Example: This seller put 600kg instead of 0.6KG for the books he was selling, hence the shipping fee is shown as such a high amount.
                • How is the Shipping Weight Calculated?

                  Length x Width x Height / 5000 = Volumetric Weight in kilograms rounded up to the nearest 0.5kg
                  • If the actual shipping fee is higher than the estimated shipping fee, who will pay the difference?

                    If the actual delivery charges are higher than the estimated delivery charges, then the seller will bear the difference in amount.
                    • What unit is the weight of the product measured in?

                      All weight measurements of products on Seller Center are in Kilograms
                      • What unit is the dimension of the product measured in?

                        All dimension measurements of products on Seller Center are in Centimeters.
                        • What is the package dimension?

                          First, let's define the difference between "package dimension" vs. "product dimension".

                          Package Dimension - This refers to the size of the box, pouch, or parcel that your item will be shipped in. This 3-part measurement, length x width x height, informs Daraz of the package size so that we can bill for shipping, accordingly.

                          Product Dimension - Separate from the package dimension is the measurement of the item itself. It gives the customer a better idea of the size of the object and helps them determine if they can accommodate it in the way they intend to use it. This information can be placed in the short description part or you can place infographics if you want to be more detailed with your item's dimensions.
                          • How to view and correct your current weight and dimensions on Seller Center?

                            If inaccurate weights are entered on Seller Center, you may be charged above what the customer is being charged and will need to pay extra in shipping. You can view the weight of your currently uploaded SKUs by following the below steps:

                            Step 1: Visit Manage Products
                            Step 2: Click on the "Export" button. You will then have the option of selecting the category of the products you want to export.
                            Step 3: Click "Download" once the export file has been generated. You will receive a file in .csv format.
                            Step 4: Load the file into Microsoft Office OR Open Office. You may now view the weight of your products.

                            If incorrect weights are identified, then rectify them by editing your product details from the Manage Products Tab.