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  • What is Daraz’s policy towards counterfeit items?

    Daraz has a zero tolerance policy towards counterfeit products. It is each seller’s responsibility to source and sell only authentic products and to immediately deactivate any product that is in violation of our guidelines:

    1. Items that apply a trademark (e.g. a brand or character logo) on the product, the product packaging, or anywhere in relation with the product, without authorization by the trademark owner.

    2. Items that contain specific design elements (e.g. cartoon characters or colorways) protected by a trademark, without the authorization by the trademark owner.

    3. Items that bear such similarities with other products that they are likely to deceive buyers into thinking they are made or sold by the owner of the other product's brand (e.g. a replica of a branded item with or without altered logos).

    4. Items that are in violation of any local country laws in which they are sold.

    In case of any doubt we advise you to talk to the manufacturer and/or distributor of the products, and to your legal advisors. Daraz will collaborate closely with brand owners, its customers and the authorities to prevent the sale of counterfeit items.

    • How do I sign up to sell on Daraz?

      Please find below the steps to sign up and sell on Daraz.

      Step 1: Click on this link and go to the initial registration form to send your request to sell on Daraz.

      Step 2: Provide your profile information which includes address book details, ID and bank information.

      Step 3: Seller Support team will review and verify the information you have submitted. Meanwhile you can start listing your products on Seller Center. If there is anything we need to check, we will call you within 1 business day. Note: the products you list will not be visible on the website till your store goes live.

      Step 4: Order Daraz packaging material

      Step 5: As soon as you receive the packaging, we will take your store live and you will be able to sell!

      • How long does it take to approve a seller application?

        Your application will be reviewed, verified and approved within 48 hours once you have signed up and completed the to do list. You will receive emails at each step.

        The sooner we have your correct details, the sooner we can verify them to take you one step closer to selling on Daraz!

        For further inquiries please contact our Seller Support team.

        • How do I register and attend an online training?

          You will receive our online training modules in the emails which will be sent to you at each step as soon as you sign up to sell on Daraz.

          For more online trainings, you can visit Daraz University, our seller education platform which will serve as a one-window learning center to help you improve your business performance.

          At Daraz University, you can watch tutorials and access relevant articles for your guidance. Here you can also register for online courses and webinars to gain deeper insights into selling on Daraz.

          • How can I contact Daraz?

            You can contact Daraz through our Seller Support team which works hand in hand with all other teams to ensure that seller receives all the information that he requires and seller queries are also resolved as soon as possible.

            You may reach out to Seller Support team via

            • Call at 021-111-735-537 

            • Contact us form

            • DingTalk