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  • What is Seller Center?

    Seller Center is a platform that allows you to monitor your online shop on Daraz. Our Enhanced Seller Center allows you to list and update your products, control your prices, view your financial details and much more.

    Click here to learn more about our Enhanced Seller Center on Daraz University.

    • How can I change my Seller Center email address?

      If you would like to change your Seller Center email address, please contact Daraz Seller Support via the Contact Us Form . A Seller Support representative will make the changes asked and notify you.

      • How do I set up a Seller Center account?

        Click on the link below to sell on Daraz and fill in the registration form to register as a seller. Your Seller Center account will be set up as soon as you fill out the registration form and you will be guided with the next steps via email.

        Sell on Daraz

        * Note: We highly recommend you to check your email on a daily basis to learn about the next steps and start selling!

        • What should I do if I am unable to login to my Seller Center?

          Make sure you go to this link

          Step 1: Click on "Forgot Password"

          Step 2: Type your email address and click on "Send New Password"

          Step 3: A recovery link will be sent to you. Check your email inbox/spam,

          click on the mail subject "Seller Center: Reset Password" and click on the notification link.

          Step 4: On the pop-up page that appears after clicking the notification link, change your password and click "Save Changes".

          Step 5: You will be redirected to the main page. Type in your email, your new password and click "Submit".

          You will now arrive at your Seller Center dashboard.

          • What do I do if I forgot my Seller Center Password?

            Click 'Forgot Password' on the Seller Center login page. You will receive a password reset email from Seller Center. If you do not get a password reset email, please contact Daraz Partner Support via the Contact Us Form. Mention your registered email address and store name in the form.

            • What is the difference between the previous Seller Center and Enhanced Seller Center?

              The Enhanced Seller Center has new and improved features to support your daily operations and enable you to become a better seller on Daraz. Moreover, new interface developments and various Seller Tools are also added that will allow you to gain a better overview of your online shop and sales progress.

              • Can I share my Seller Center account access with my employees?

                Yes, you can share your account access and have multiple users by following a few simple steps:

                Step 1: Click on your seller name towards the top right of the Seller Center

                Step 2: Click on "User Management"

                Step 3: Click on ‘Add User’

                Step 4: Fill in the details and then click ‘Save’

                You can also change the settings of existing Seller Center users.

                • How do I change the settings of existing Seller Center users?

                  Follow the steps mentioned below to change the settings of existing Seller Center users:

                  Step 1: Click on your seller name towards the top right of the Seller Center.

                  Step 2: Click on ‘User Management’ to arrive at “Manage Users” page.

                  Step 3: Go to Action and edit the settings

                  Note*: You will only be able to change/edit user access if you have seller full access.

                  • How do I change my banking or profile information on Seller Center?

                    You can easily update your account details by following these simple steps:

                    a - Login to Seller Center with your registered email ID and Password

                    b - Go to Profile

                    c - Seller needs to update all below mentioned details while initiating the request (If any of the below detail is not updated then the request will be rejected):

                    i - Account Title
                    ii - IBAN Number
                    iii - Bank Name
                    iv - Cheque Copy should also be attached

                    It is important that your account title should be similar to the legal name of the shop or else the request will be rejected.

                    Please note: Details for below mentioned Banks cannot be accepted, as Daraz does not offer IBFT facility:

                    -All Micro Finance banks
                    -Tameer Bank
                    -National Bank
                    -Bank Of Khyber

                    Once all the details have been updated by the seller then they will be verified within 24 hours.