Topic outline

  • How to upload a single product on Seller Center?

    Follow the steps listed below to upload a product in Seller Center:

    Step 1: Go to the products tab and click on ‘Add a Product’

    Step 2: Fill in the name & category fields in the  ‘What You’re Selling’ section

    Step 3: Fill in the basic information about your product

    Step 4: Fill in the brand field and other attributes in the ‘More Product Details’ section

    Step 5: Add variations & images of your product

    Step 6: Click on publish to upload your product

    To learn more about our Seller Center and watch a tutorial on how to create a single product, click

    and watch a video tutorial on Daraz University.

    • How does listing products benefits sellers?

      Listing products on Seller Center helps sellers in increasing product assortment and visibility on Daraz platform. In addition to this, listing hot selling & top running items can increase your sales even more.

      • Is there any cost involved to list products on Daraz?

        No, Daraz  does not charge any fee for listing your products. You only pay a small commission for what you sell.

        • How many products should be listed for the shop to go live?

          You can list as many products as you want to sell.

          • What type of information is required when uploading the products?

            You will be required to fill in a list of mandatory attributes specific to your product category, design an informative product description and upload appealing pictures for your product.

            Click here to view Daraz Content Guidelines or visit Daraz University for all information and training resources related to uploading products.

            • How do I price my products?

              When pricing products on Daraz, please account for the applicable Daraz commission and shipping fee along with your profit margin to derive the selling price.

              Click here to view commissions that Daraz charges with respect to each category.

              • How to list a a customizable product?

                In the case of having a product that can be customized by the buyer (for example customizable shirts, mugs, jewelry etc. that the customer may get specified names or dates on), the seller must mention in the description box all necessary details involved when uploading the SKU. It is also advised to include photos of customization examples.

                It's best to get in touch with the customers after receiving the order to reconfirm all customization via Instant Messenger!