Topic outline

  • How will I be notified when I receive an order?

    When a new order is received, you will be notified through:

    • An email on your registered email address.

    • A text message on your registered contact number.

    • An app notification on your Seller Center mobile app.

    • Where can I view my orders?

      Go to your Seller Center dashboard and click ‘Manage Orders’ under the orders tab.

      • How do I fulfill my order?

        to watch the video tutorial and learn how to ready to ship and fulfill your order as per Daraz standards and guidelines.

        • What will happen if I cancel my orders due to any reason?

          Daraz monitors cancellations very closely as it has a negative impact on customer satisfaction. If your cancellation rate exceeds 2% during a given week, your shop will be taken offline and the shop will then only be reactivated after taking operational excellence training and following Daraz operation standards.

          • When would I see the order status as “shipped”?

            The status of an order changes to “shipped” as soon as it is handed over to Daraz.

            • When is an item 'Ready-to-ship'?

              Items are 'Ready-to-ship' when:

              • You have selected 'Ready to Ship'

              • You have printed the relevant documents including picklist (manifest), shipping label, and invoice.

              • Your items are properly packed and is ready to be handed over to Daraz for delivery to the customer.

              • What do you mean by a Drop-off Seller?

                Drop-off is for sellers to send their packages to the logistics branch located nearby.

                Drop-off provides the seller with two other major benefits:

                • Flexibility: The drop-off service staff is ready to take care of your packages 6 days a week.
                • Convenience: Sellers don’t have to wait for the carrier to pick up their products. This saves the hassle of having to schedule and plan pick up times.

                Before you drop off your packages to the logistic branch, kindly do the following:

                • Print invoice and place it inside the package.

                • Print shipping label and place it on top of the package.

                • Pack the order properly as per Daraz packaging guidelines to ensure your product’s safety.

                • Drop the item to the nearest Daraz Hub within 12 hours from the date of receiving orders.

                • Get the manifest printed and take the receiving of the order at the time of handing it over.

                • Where can I drop off my packages?

                  Please drop-off your packages at your nearest Daraz Hub that is spread throughout the country.

                  • How do you manage orders by item level?

                    If an item is ordered in two or more quantities where the seller cannot pack it in one single parcel, we advise the seller to click “Ready to ship” based on the item level where the tracking number will be generated individually based on the item. The seller can then pack and RTS the item separately.

                    Note: Only orders with more than one item can be clicked “Ready to Ship” on an item level.

                    Below are the steps to manage your orders by item level:

                    Step 1: Go to your pending orders and select an order with more than one item.

                    Step 2: Click the “+” icon on the extreme left to view the order details.

                    Step 3: Select the individual items by marking the check box, and then click “Ready to Ship” individually based on item.

                    Step 4: Proceed to print the invoice and shipping label as per normal process.

                    This also allows you to keep track of each and every item individually, removing the risk of any parcels getting lost in transit.

                    • What are different order statuses?

                      Order status tells you the stage that your item is at in delivering the product to the final customer. The following are general order statuses:

                      • Pending Orders: New orders in the system which needs to be processed (RTS) within 24 hours.
                      • Ready to Ship: Parcels are being prepared for shipment. Your parcel should be shipped within the next business day and ready to be handed over to Daraz.
                      • Shipped: The parcel is successfully shipped. Tracking number should be able to trace.
                      • Delivered: The parcel is successfully delivered to the customer.
                      • Cancelled: Customer requests for cancellation, item is out of stock or sourcing delay (seller fails to ship out parcels within timely manner).
                      • Delivery Failed: The parcel is not successfully delivered to the customer.
                      • Returned: Seller will be notified with tracking number if an item is being returned to your end.

                      • Which department/party is in charge of change in the order status?

                        • From Pending to Ready to Ship: Seller is responsible to change the status from “pending” orders to “ready to ship” after printing important documents and packing the order as per Daraz guidelines. Seller must RTS the order within 24 hours.
                        • From Ready to Ship to Shipped: Daraz Marketplace team.
                        • From Shipped to Delivered: Daraz will update the status once the order is delivered to the customer. The status will be visible on Seller Center.

                        • What are the documents required for order processing?

                          There are three documents required for order processing:

                          • Picklist/Receiving: This remains with the seller as a proof that the item has been shipped.

                          • Shipping Label: This contains the barcode to keep track of the parcel once it’s in transit.

                          • Invoice: Receipt of items in parcel which will be given to the customer.

                          Click to visit Daraz University and view the tutorial for order processing.
                          • Do sellers need to take any further action once item has been sent out?

                            No further action needed except to keep your records safe for future reference.

                            • Why is my item marked as Delivery Failed?

                              Failed delivery is a status that is marked in the Seller Center if the shipment / parcel cannot be delivered to the customer due unavailabily, incorrect address, and customer door step refusal.
                              • Why does Failed Delivery Occur?

                                Failed delivery may occur due to any of the following reasons:

                                • Courier (3PL) issues

                                • Unreachable customer - E.g: incomplete address, unreachable contact number

                                • Item damaged by courier

                                • Item lost by courier

                                • System issue

                                • Delivery time taken too long

                                • How can I check if my product status is marked as 'Delivery Failed' from the Seller Center?

                                  Please follow the steps below to view delivery failed orders.

                                  Go to the Seller Center → Orders Tab →  Manage Orders → Completed Tab → Select Delivery Failed.

                                  • What happens if the Seller’s order has been sent out but is marked as failed delivery?

                                    Our respective couriers (3PL) will deliver your goods back to you.

                                    • What if the Seller did not receive their goods under failed delivery?

                                      In scenarios like this, the seller may fill in the claims form and attach proofs of that claim.

                                      • What happens if the package dimension is stated incorrectly?

                                        Inputting incorrect package dimensions and weights on Seller Center will have negative consequences. One major negative consequence that will occur while shipping weight is calculated is that it will result in incorrect shipping charges and also cause inconvenience for the 3PL service providers.

                                        • What are the requirements for packaging an item?

                                          Insufficiently packed products may get damaged, leading to customer dissatisfaction and returns.

                                          Please remember to follow below Daraz Packaging Guidelines and pack your items accurately:

                                          • Wrap and pack the original manufacturing packaging

                                          • Use the right box type or Daraz flyer

                                          • Use filling materials for fragile items (bubble wrap polystyrene etc.)

                                          • Use cardboard sides for bulky items.

                                          For more details and assistance, please click here to view Daraz Packaging Guidelines.

                                          • What should I do when a product order is out of stock?

                                            In case you are unable to fulfill an order due to out of stock, then cancel the order immediately on Seller Center. However, we strongly advise you not to wait for out of stock cancellation as it negatively impacts your seller rating and diminishes customer satisfaction. To avoid cancellation due to out of stock, regularly update your product stock level.

                                            • Can I view the reason for order cancellation?

                                              Yes, to view the reason for order cancellation, please follow the steps below:

                                              Step 1: Go to the "Orders" tab and click on "Manage Orders"

                                              Step 2: You will arrive at the order overview page, click on "Completed" and then select "Canceled". You can also input the order number and click on "Search"

                                              Step 3: Click on the order number

                                              Step 4: Find the ‘note’ column in the item’s history section and view the cancellation reason.

                                              An order may be cancelled due to one of the following reasons:

                                              1. Out of Stock - Unfulfilled order due to item unavailability

                                              2. Sourcing Delay - Unfulfilled order due to delayed shipment

                                              • What is the difference between COD and prepaid orders?

                                                COD (Cash on Delivery)

                                                • COD is a type of transaction in which the recipient makes payment for goods at the time of delivery instead of having to pay before receiving the goods (online payment).

                                                • Payment is made at the time when the courier delivers the items at the customer’s doorstep.

                                                • This type of transaction usually takes place through a shipping company and allows both the seller and the buyer of the product to minimize the risk of fraud or default.

                                                • The purchaser remits payment to the shipping company, which then relays the payment back to the seller.

                                                Prepaid Orders

                                                • Prepaid is a type of transaction in which the recipient makes payment for the goods during the time of purchase via the internet upon check-out.

                                                • Prepaid payment will normally reflect as Credit Card/Debit Card, Ipay88, Paypal or vouchers under payment method in your Seller Center account.

                                                • What do I do when the order is cancelled after item is shipped?

                                                  Daraz will return the cancelled orders to you upon quality check. If you do not receive the product within 30 days, you may fill out the Seller Claims Form. Daraz will investigate your claim and provide you with resolution, which takes an average of two weeks.

                                                  • How do I use the search bar in the “Manage Orders” page?

                                                    The search bar in the “Manage Orders” page allows you to search and/or filter in combinations of order, customer, payment, date range, and fulfillment type to process orders more efficiently.

                                                    Below are the filters to utilize the search bar:

                                                    • Order number: Search by order number. You may insert more than one order number.

                                                    • Customer: You can search orders by customer name.

                                                    • Product: Insert your product name to search for which customers place orders for that specific item.

                                                    • Payment: Search by payment type for "Shipped" and "Delivered" orders.

                                                    Start date - End date: Orders can be filtered by date range for easy search.

                                                    • What do you mean by ship SLA?

                                                      There is a new column on the orders overview page called ‘ship SLA’. This informs the seller of the latest date when an order should be packed and ready for shipping.

                                                      Ship SLA is now available in the Seller Center under Orders > Manage Orders > Pending.

                                                      • Will my order get cancelled immediately after the orders exceed the ship SLA?

                                                        Your order will not be cancelled immediately when it breaches the ship SLA. However, our team will send you a reminder again before we proceed with the cancellation.

                                                        Exceeding ship SLA affects your seller performance and causes customer dissatisfaction as well.

                                                        • What do you mean by Fake RTS?

                                                          Fake RTS is updating your order status to RTS (Ready-to-ship) before the orders/items are ready to be picked up or dropped off to our logistic partners. Daraz tracks Fake RTS by identifying items that have been RTS and not picked up when our logistic partners arrive for pick up the packages or when you delayed dropping off the packages at the Daraz Hub.