Topic outline

  • What are campaign products?

    Campaign products are those SKUs that have been put on sale or promotion by the seller and are displayed on the campaign page

    • How do I join Daraz campaigns & promotions?

      Upcoming promotions are available on the Seller Center Homepage. You can also find promotions by clicking on the 'Promotions' tab and then “Campaign Management” on Seller Center Homepage.

      For more details on how to join Daraz Campaigns & Promotions, click to visit Daraz University and watch a video tutorial.

      • Can I change my stock level & pricing in the midst of an active promotion?

        Pricing can not be changed for regular deals but the stock can be changed

        For flash sale, stock and prices both can not be changed

        • How can I change my stock level & pricing for promotion?

          Please find below the steps to change the stock level for regular promotions:

          Step 1: Go to the “Products” tab on Seller Center and then click on “Manage Products”

          Step 3: Search for the SKU

          Step 4: Go to the “Available” column and click on the pencil icon

          Step 5: Edit the stock

          • Can I Remove SKUs from a campaign?

            Yes, you can delete the selected products and remove them from a campaign at any time.

            • How do I fix and resubmit rejected SKUs for campaign?

              Products will have statuses like Approved, Rejected and Pending mentioned on them. To revise the rejected products,

              1. Go to the “Campaign” tab and then click on “Campaign Products”

              2. Go to the rejected tab

              3. View the reason for the rejection

              4. Click on “re-submit” to Update/Edit and make the necessary changes

              • How should I prepare my shop for marketing campaigns?

                Following are the ways to participate in a marketing campaign and offer customers a good deal:

                • Make sure to provide numerous assortment

                • Offer competitive prices

                • Prepare sufficient stock

                • Only submit products that are currently “Live” on Daraz website

                • Create vouchers related to the campaign

                • What happens to my SKU once the campaign period is over?

                  It will automatically be changed to the stated sale price in Seller Center.

                  • What are the benefits of giving away promotion code/vouchers to customers?

                    Daraz discounts and vouchers are given to customers to promote all the sellers’ current products. Benefits to sellers are as below:

                    • Increased customer engagement

                    • Increased visibility

                    • Builds brand loyalty

                    • Increased customer spending