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  • What is a Seller Voucher?

    A seller voucher is a tool that allows sellers to create self-funded vouchers and drive sales to their own store.

    • How do I create a Seller Voucher?

      Visit Seller Center now and follow the steps mentioned below to create vouchers:

      • Go to the Promotions Tab on your Dashboard

      • Click on “Seller Voucher”

      • Click on Add New Voucher

      • Fill in the Voucher Details

      • Click on Submit, your voucher will be successfully created.

      For more details and assistance, click to visit Daraz University and watch a tutorial on how to create Seller Vouchers for customers.

      • How will Seller Vouchers work?

        1. Seller decides on the budget allocated to vouchers

        2. Seller creates vouchers with unique codes

        3. Seller chooses the products eligible for voucher use

        4. Buyers apply vouchers

        5. Voucher cost is charged to sellers directly in the Seller Center


        to visit Daraz University and learn how to create and make use of seller vouchers.

        • What is the difference between Money Value Voucher and Percentage Value Voucher?

          A Money Value Voucher allows the seller to create a voucher which deducts an amount off the final price of the product.

          A Percentage Value Voucher allows the seller to deduct a percentage off the final price of the product.

          • What is a Collectible Voucher?

            A Collectible Voucher is a voucher that can be collected and stored in customers’ account for redemption. Discounts are automatically applied once the criteria is met and multiple vouchers can be used in the same order (but one per seller).

            • What are the benefits of creating Collectible Vouchers?

              As a seller, you can benefit from creating collectible vouchers in the following ways:

              • It drives traffic towards your store as customers collect it for future use

              • High visibility through display on checkout & voucher pages

              • It can help create customer loyalty with the brand

              • How do I create Collectible Vouchers?

                Login to your Seller Center account and follow the steps mentioned below to create Collectible Vouchers:

                Step 1: Go to the “Promotions” Tab on your Dashboard.

                Step 2: Click on “Seller Voucher”

                Step 3: Click on “Add New Voucher”

                Step 4: Select “Collectible” under Voucher Type in the drop down menu.

                Step 5: Fill in the Name for your reference.

                Step 6: Select the Voucher Redeem Start Time (when voucher can be redeemed) and Collect / Redeem End Time

                Step 7: Select voucher collect start time (when voucher can be collected).

                Step 8: Fill in other necessary information and click on “Submit”.

                Note*: As redemption rate of voucher is 10% for collectibles, create 10x more than expected voucher sales to avoid depletion & dissatisfied customers!  

                Click here to view our training guide on Collectible Vouchers on Daraz University.

                • What are the Voucher Display Areas?

                  There are three different platforms where your vouchers will be visible. There are three options to choose from:

                  1. Regular Channels: Voucher Visibility on Product Page, Home page, cart/checkout

                  2. Offline share: Not visible but for offline marketing. You can use promote these on your social media pages to attract more customers.

                  3. Store follower: Voucher visible when buyer follows the store (hidden behind the follow button)

                  • What will happen once all my issued vouchers are used?

                    All vouchers will be deactivated once they reach the end of the date range or when the amount of redemption reaches the limit. Upon deactivation, the code will no longer be shown to customers.

                    • Is the validity of the voucher determined by transaction date or when products are added to cart?

                      Voucher validity is based on the transaction date. This means that customers have to make the purchase with the voucher code before the voucher validity period ends.

                      • Can customers apply vouchers on both bundled and discounted products?

                        Yes, customers can apply your vouchers onto a bundled or a discounted product.

                        • After I create a voucher, how long will it take for the voucher to go live on the PDP (Product Display Page)?

                          Once you create the voucher, it can be applied immediately on checkout. However, voucher code on your products might take up to 30 mins to display. If you do not see your voucher codes appearing on your products after 30 mins, please contact our Seller Support.

                          • What does active and inactive list display on the Voucher List page?

                            Active list displays all vouchers that have not expired and Inactive list displays all vouchers that have expired.

                            • What is the major purpose of the Search Bar on the Voucher List page?

                              Search bar can be used to search created vouchers by duration, voucher name, and voucher code.

                              • What is the use of “Edit”, “Deactivate” and “Deactivate All” buttons on the Voucher List page?

                                Clicking on “Edit” will allow the seller to edit individual voucher details while the “Deactivate” button can be used to deactivate single vouchers. The “Deactivate All” option is useful for mass deactivation of vouchers.