Topic outline

  • What is a Seller Bundle?

    A Seller Bundle is packaging multiple products together into one bundle for a special offer.

    • What are the benefits of creating product bundles?

      • Gives you a chance to differentiate your deals from competitors, especially in high priced competitive categories.

      • Gives you a chance to sell lower priced items at a discount as part of a bundle.

      • Gives you an opportunity to clear out inventory of the selected products of your choice.

      • Gives you an opportunity to drive a better overall customer experience.

      • What are the types of Seller Bundles that can be offered to customers?

        Following are the types of

        1) Quantity Sell multiple items of a single SKU for a special discount Example: Buy 10 packs of diapers with 10% discount.

        2) Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sell two items for the price of 1 Example: Buy 2 shower gels, pay for 1

        3) Combo Sell different SKUs together as a set with one (or more) item with a discount Example: Buy a phone, a case and a USB cable with discount .

        4) Free Gift Sell one SKU and give one extra item at 100% discount Example: Buy a phone and get a case for free.

        • What are Combo Bundles?

          Combo bundle allows you to bundle different items from various categories. Bundling will help make items and deals more attractive on your shop.

          • How do quantity Bundles Benefit Sellers?

            By bundling multiple items into one package you only account for a single package shipping fee making products more affordable for customers and helping you increase your profit margins. They also help you increase your assortment variety and sales volume.

            • Will my bundle go live instantly?

              Your bundle will go live during the promotion period you have selected. If your bundle does not show up during the selected period, please contact Daraz.

              • What happens when my SKU goes out of stock?

                Your bundle will automatically be deactivated. To reactivate, please add stock and go to ‘My Promotions’ to reactivate the promotion.

                • Am I required to package all of the items in the bundle together?

                  Not required. However, we highly suggest that you keep all bundled items in the same package for the best customer experience to reduce returns.

                  • What is the return policy for bundles?

                    Customers must return all bundle products in order for the return to be processed. Returns claims will not be accepted for incomplete returns.

                    • How is the commission charged for Combo Bundles?

                      Commission is charged based on the entire Combo Bundle as a whole based on the commission of the main SKU and the combo SKU in that bundle.