Topic outline

  • What is the purpose of Store Builder Tool?

    Store Builder tool allows you to customize and design the layout of your online store through seller center which would attract more customers and lead to an increase in your sales.

    • How does Store Builder work?

      It displays the best-selling products in an appealing layout which the Seller chooses to display on their shop as a way to attract customers.

      • How can I use the store builder tool to help increase my sales?

        Use the following measures in order to increase your sales using store builder tool:

        • Refresh your SKUs every 2 weeks

        • Keep campaigns up to date

        • Add content to increase engagement

        • Remove SKUs with no stock

        • What are the attributes of a Good Store?

          Following attributes make up a good store on Daraz:

          • A proper store layout with placement of brands and key messages for the customers in the right place

          • High quality images and content

          • Ensuring an attractive app experience

          • What is the criteria that defines Store Quality?

            Please ensure the following measures are taken to build and maintain your store quality:

            • For better Store layout and branding, include a clear a Unique Selling Point (USP) message, ensuring header and banner availability

            • For better Product/Content quality, you should focus on high quality images and content with the right dimensions, having images with a white background

            • For better App experience, ensure that your store is decorative in order to attract customers.

            • What are the practices of Store Layout & Branding?

              The following are common practices of Store Layout & Branding that leads to an attractive store:

              • Having a header on the store gives a better look of your shop to the customers

              • Avoid heavy texts in banners

              • Avoid promotional texts

              • Upload separate header for desktop and App

              • Upload separate banner artworks for desktop and App

              • What are the practices of maintaining Product & Content Quality?

                The following are common practices for maintaining product and content quality:

                • Avoid backgrounds with heavy graphics

                • Don’t include propositions like Free/Cheap in product image

                • Ensure product image quality

                • Maintain a white background for pictures

                • What are the practices of generating a good App experience?

                  Follow the steps below for the best App experience:

                  • Preview both the desktop and the application layout to ensure a good customer experience

                  • Ensure consistent user experience across desktops and applications

                  • How does Store Builder benefit Sellers?

                    The Store builder tool helps sellers in the following ways

                    • It makes the shop page more attractive with decorations

                    • It creates brand awareness

                    • It differentiates the shop from other sellers

                    • It allows customers to gain a better shopping experience

                    • It helps to boost sales of your shop

                    • What are the Modules For Store Builder?

                      Store Builder has 4 modules that help you build and decorate your store page according to your preferences. These are as follows:

                      • Store Header & Navigation: The default mode for store branding and identification.

                      • Category Navigation: Banner sets that will visually present the subcategories within a store.

                      • Banners: Multi-purpose banner sets that will highlight the latest activity of your brand/store.

                      • Product Highlight: Modules to feature focused/trending products.

                      • What do I get if I have Access to Store Builder?

                        You can choose different template styles and various layout options.

                        Example: Full static banner, 3-in-1 banner, banner carousel etc.

                        • How do I access the Store Builder?

                          You can access the Store Builder by simply clicking on the Store tab at the top of your Seller Center Dashboard. You will be directed to the Store Builder after clicking the Tab.

                          • What’s the basic unit of the banners?

                            The measurement is in pixels (px) with width x height.

                            • How long does it take to reflect on Daraz live page?

                              It usually takes 10 minutes to sync on the Daraz live page. It is advisable to upload 3-5 days in advance nearing a big campaign such as 11:11.