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  • What is FBD?

    Fulfillment by Daraz (FBD) is a service where Daraz is responsible for processing, packing and shipping your orders. Your items are stored in Daraz warehouse and only shipping fee is charged based on the number of orders shipped.

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    • How does FBD work?

      The following is the process of how FBD works:

      Step 1: Seller sends products to Daraz fulfillment center

      Step 2: Daraz stores the products

      Step 3: Customer places order

      Step 4: Daraz manages the products packaging and handling

      Step 5: Daraz delivers the product to the customer

      Step 6: Return management is handled by Daraz

      • What is the cost for using FBD?

        There is zero cost for using Fulfillment By Daraz

        • How do I send my products to Daraz warehouse?

          Prior to sending products to the warehouse, seller must create an Inbound Order (IO) to verify the amount of items you wish to store. You can create an IO via your Seller Center on the BMS Portal. This will be approved by your respective Key Account Manager or the Category Head. Once you create the IO, you have 72 hours to drop off items at the Daraz warehouse location you have selected.

          Click to visit Daraz University and learn how to create an Inbound Order (IO).

          • What is BMS Portal?

            BMS Portal is a portal on Seller Center that helps you to manage inventory that you stock at the Daraz Warehouse.

            • How do I access the BMS Portal?

              Sellers Do Not need separate access for the BMS portal. Simply log into your Seller Center account, click on “Manage Products” and then click on “Fulfilled by Daraz”.

              • What is the purpose of creating Barcodes and how can I create it?

                Each item the seller sends to the warehouse is given a unique barcode in order to track items at the warehouse. You can create these barcodes by auto syncing your inventory onto the BMS portal and then, under ‘Actions’, click on “Create Fulfillment SKU” on each sku.

                • For creating barcodes for strategic/structured brands, it is recommended that the seller inputs their own company barcodes or seller SKUs

                • For small sellers who do not have barcodes, it is preferable that they use their seller skus as barcodes or use their shop name with the sequence 1 2 3 and so on.

                Note*: Barcodes can be alphabets, numbers or alphanumeric only

                • Can I create skus for my products on the BMS Portal?

                  No, you cannot create products on BMS, you can only “auto sync” skus already existing on Seller Center onto the BMS portal. Every marketplace consignment seller needs to auto sync their ASC products on the BMS portal once for the migrated inventory to sync on to the BMS portal. To do so, Go to Products > Fulfilled by Daraz > Manage Products > Manage Platform Products, then click on the “Auto Sync” Icon.

                  • Is there a limit for Daraz warehouse stock keeping?

                    There is no limitation on stock storage in our warehouse for Fulfillment by Daraz. We recommend sellers to store their best selling and latest products with us.

                    Kindly take note, below are items that are rejected during the inbound process:

                    1. Broken seal

                    2. Dented Box

                    3. Bundling item must be in a box / same packaging

                    4. Wrong label / colour /access number of product approved by FBD team

                    5. Physical item not tally with PO description

                    • What will happen after Daraz receives the appointed product?

                      Once your products reach Daraz's appointed warehouse, they will be checked by Daraz's quality specialists, labelled and stored. Please inform us if you wish to store your products in a temperature-controlled or top security areas. Incoming orders will automatically be fulfilled by Daraz warehouse team. No action is required from you although orders will still show in your Seller Center order view.

                      • What happens when my product under Fulfillment by Daraz (FBD) gets returned?

                        With Fulfillment by Daraz (FBD), the return process does not change. The only difference is that returned products which are in good condition will be stored back in Daraz's warehouse. If you wish to retrieve them, you can generate a return order through Seller Center.

                        • Is Daraz's appointed warehouse adequate and secure for my products?

                          Yes, all items are safe and secure in Daraz Warehouse.

                          • How FBD (fulfilment by Daraz) benefits sellers?

                            • Improves customer satisfaction by speeding up fulfilment time

                            • Higher sales leading to higher conversion rate

                            • Saves cost and time for sellers as no warehouse/additional employee cost

                            • Easy to expand business through unlimited Order Volume Limit (OVL)

                            • What if I want to recall my inventory from the warehouse?

                              If you wish to have your unsold inventory returned to you from the warehouse, you have to create an Outbound Order (OO) for these skus. This must be approved by the Key Account Manager or Category Head.


                              to visit Daraz University learn how to create an Outbound Order (OO).