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  • What is FBD?

    With Fulfillment by Daraz (FBD), sellers can enjoy a hassle-free way of selling by letting Daraz process, pack and ship your products to the customers. Your items will be stored in the state-of-the-art warehouse facilities managed by Daraz where trained professionals will pick, pack, process and ship the items, and even manage returns.

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    • What is the cost for using FBD?

      Daraz will not charge any storage fee for items that are kept in the warehouse for less than 30 days. The minimal storage fee will only be charged on items in the consignment that have aged over 30 days. The storage fee will be calculated based on the space occupied by the inventory in terms of cubic feet and the ageing of the inventory (days in the warehouse). This amount will be charged on a monthly basis. Details of the cost are as below. Please note these charges are prior to any applicable taxes.

      • How does FBD work?

        Follow the simple steps below to benefit from the FBD services offered by Daraz:

        • Step 1: Visit Fulfilment by Daraz option in the Products tab on your Seller Center
        • Step 2: Create an IO (Inbound Order) by clicking on “Send to Warehouse” option under the label of Inventory
        • Step 3: Transfer Platform SKUs to the Fulfillment SKUs
        • Step 4: Enter basic details related to the consignment and seller account
        • Step 5: Upon entering the details, you’ll be assigned drop off time by Daraz Representative
        • Step 6: Deliver your products to Daraz Fulfillment Centers and enjoy the hassle free process of selling on Daraz

        • How do I send my products to Daraz warehouse?

          Before sending your products to the warehouse for availing FBD services, sellers will have to create an IO (Inbound Order) that will contain details about the consignment. The IO (Inbound Order) can be made by visiting the Fulfillment by Daraz tab in the Product tab which will lead you to the Daraz Supply Chain Management Portal. Create an IO (Inbound Order) to notify the quantity of items that the consignment will contain.

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          • What is Daraz Supply Chain Management (DSCM)?

            Daraz Supply Chain Management is a portal on Seller Center that allows you to manage your inventory at warehouse and track business performance from FBD services. To check the DSCM Portal, login to your seller center and click on Fulfillment by Daraz in the Products tab.

            • How do I access the Daraz Supply Chain (DSCM) Portal?

              To visit DSCM Portal, login to your Seller Center account and select Fulfillment by Daraz (FBD) option by clicking on the Products tab. In case of an error generation, visit Seller Support and get the issues resolved.

              • How many SKUs can I add in an IO (Inbound Order)?

                Each inbound order can contain a maximum of 200 SKUs. For more than 200 products, you can make more Inbound Orders (IO). It must be kept in mind that a single SKU can have as much quantity as the seller wants to be stored in the warehouse.

                • Can I create skus for my products on the DSCM Portal?

                  No, you cannot create SKUs on DSCM. SKUs can only be created in the Seller Center by clicking on Add Products option in the Products tab. You can then convert your existing Platform Products to Fulfillment SKUs. The products on Seller Center are automatically synced with the DSCM portal, thus enabling you to easily select products for FBD. You can also bulk upload your existing Platform SKUs to the Fulfillment SKUs field.

                  • Is there a limit for Daraz warehouse stock keeping?

                    There is no limit to the quantity of stock that you wish to store at our warehouse for FBD service unless otherwise stated or informed by Daraz. We recommend sellers to select those products for FBD that are:

                    1. Top Selling

                    2. Latest

                    3. Highly Rated

                    Kindly note that the following products will not be accepted by Daraz for FBD:

                    1. Items that have broken seals

                    2. Items that have dented bodies

                    3. Items with inaccurate and misleading labels

                    4. Items that are not present in the IO Order

                    5. Bundle items that are not in the same packaging (boxes)

                    • Do I have to drop off the products at Fulfillment Centers (Warehouse) or will Daraz pick the products up?

                      The seller will have to drop off the consignment at the scheduled time aligned with Daraz Representative from Seller Support to avoid any inconvenience. DEX services can also be purchased for consignment pick up depending on the availability of vehicles.

                      • What will happen after Daraz receives the appointed products?

                        Once the products have reached the Fulfillment Center (Warehouse), they will be inspected for quality by QC Specialists to ensure that no flawed or defective items have been bought in. The consignment items will be tallied against the IO (Inbound Order) to ensure there are no discrepancies. Please inform Daraz if you want your consignment items to be stored in temperature-controlled areas. The items will be inbounded by our professional team which will allow you to monitor your inventory levels and track your business performance in real-time using the DSCM Portal.

                        • What happens when my product under Fulfillment by Daraz (FBD) gets returned?

                          The return process with Fulfillment by Daraz (FBD) doesn’t change. The only difference is that when FBD products are returned, Daraz manages them and restocks returned products that are in good condition for future sales.

                          • Is Daraz's appointed warehouse adequate and secure for my products?

                            Daraz’s state of the art fulfillment centers are not only safe and secure, but they are equipped with modern tools and resources to handle huge volumes of orders. The use of modern tools ensures that there are no errors at any stage of fulfillment.

                            • How FBD (Fulfilment by Daraz) benefits sellers?

                              • Effortless logistics and shipping
                              • Benefit from increased sales because of Express Delivery which allows customers to receive their products on the same day of placing orders. Express Delivery is only available for FBD products.
                              • Improved customer satisfaction due to timely deliveries (same day delivery available only for FBD products)
                              • Effective management of returns by Daraz
                              • Saving of selling expenses pertinent to printing, packaging, storage rent, labor cost, and several other overheads
                              • More leisure time to focus on other important aspects of business growth like assortment and marketing
                              • Easy to expand business through unlimited Order Volume Limit (OVL)
                                      • What if I want to recall my inventory from the warehouse?

                                        If you want to withdraw your inventory from the warehouse, just create an OO (Outbound Order) for the SKUs that you want back. Click on Return from Warehouse option under the Inventory tab for the creation of OO. Once the OO has been approved, on a scheduled time, you can pick your products back from the warehouse.

                                        • Where are Daraz Fulfillment Centers (warehouses) located?

                                          Daraz Fulfillment Centers are located in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The addresses can be viewed below: