Topic outline

  • What is the mobile App?

    Daraz Seller Center mobile app allows you to manage your business on the go. You will never lose a business opportunity, even when you are away from your computer. The app allows you to see new orders coming in, update stock counts, revise prices and review your shop performance.

    • What can I do using the Seller Center mobile app?

      • Add new products
      • View and modify uploaded products
      • Cater to the inquiries of buyers
      • View, fulfil and manage orders (RTS, print invoices and shipping label etc.)  
      • View or edit seller profile, general info, settings and to access tutorials

      • Why can’t I scan the barcode with my mobile device?

        There could be a technical issue with your camera. Kindly restart your device and try again. If the issue persists then kindly bring your device to the nearest service center to check for the camera and settings.

        • Am I able to change the type of notifications I receive on my mobile app?

          You cannot change the number of notifications you receive but you can customize the type of notifications you wish to receive.

          Example: You can turn off ‘daily report sales’ while keeping the ‘new orders’ and ‘orders returned’ notifications active.

          • Can I use the Seller Center Mobile App for more than one country?

            Yes, you may log into your alternative country Seller Center account. However, only one country log in at a time per device is possible.

            • How to resolve a persistent error message on your mobile application?

              • Take a screenshot of the error message
              • Generate a complaint to our Partner/Seller Support team with the screenshot attached and our IT department will fix it and get back to you shortly.