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  • What is the payment policy of Daraz?

    Payments for delivered products will be settled on a bi-monthly basis according to the following structure where t is the last day of the payment cycle:

    • t + 3: Sellers can view their statements from Seller Center under the ‘Reports’ section.

    • t + 5: Amount transferred to Seller’s bank account via Inter Bank Funds Transfer.

    To learn more about Daraz Payment policy click

    and visit Daraz University

    • How do I get paid?

      Your payment will be issued via bank transfer into your bank account as per mentioned on your Seller Center Account. You can view your account details in Seller Center by navigating to Setting > Your profile.

      • What should I do if I don't receive my payment on the expected day?

        You can contact Daraz Partner Support via the Contact Us Form with your registered shop name and outstanding amount. We will do everything we can to make sure you are always paid on time.

        • Where can I find my account statement in Seller Center and what are the benefits of this feature?

          • You can view your account statement in Seller Center under the "Finance" tab > "Account Statement".

          • The "Transaction Overview" feature provides you with detailed reports of transaction information for each order. You can filter by transaction type, transaction number, order number, details, etc. Follow these steps if you need more detailed statement and the breakdown of each transaction:

          Step 1: Go to ""Finance"" tab and click ""Transaction Overview"".

          Step 2: Select your date period and select any option under ""Filter Transaction"".

          To learn more, please visit Daraz University.

          • How to read my account statement?

            Daraz has tried to make it as simple as we can to assist you in viewing your account statement. Here are the steps to view your account statement:

            Step 1: Login to your Seller Center

            Step 2: Click on the “Finance” icon

            Step 3: Click on “Account Statements

            The following are a few things you need to know regarding your account statement:

            • Date range: Please to be informed your statement will be provided to you every week. You can click on the date range for the transaction that you wish to view.

            • Sales revenue: The amount earned through sales on the week based on delivered status.

            • Shipping Fee Credit – amount we transfer to sellers based on the extra fee that customer pays

            • Seller Credit Item – A reimbursement to the merchant due to an error from Daraz

            • Fees: The charges deducted from the account as per contract

            • Payment fee – 2% payment gateway (charged by banks)

            • Commission - A payment made to Daraz as per agreed in the contract for every successfully delivered item to customers

            • Returned or Cancelled Orders: The amount we deduct for items that are being returned by the customer

            • Payout: Final transaction after calculation (payment will be made every 2 weeks)