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  • How can I contact Daraz?

    You can contact Daraz through our Seller Support Team which works hand in hand with all other teams to ensure that Seller receives all the information that he requires and seller queries are also resolved as soon as possible.

    You may reach out to Seller Support team via

    • Call at 111-735-537

    • Email at

    • Contact us form

    • DingTalk

    • What is Seller Center?

      Seller Center is a platform that allows you to monitor your online shop on Daraz. Our Enhanced Seller Center allows you to list and update your products, control your prices, view your financial details and much more.

      Click to learn more about our Enhanced Seller Center on Daraz University.

      • When is an item 'Ready-to-ship'?

        Items are 'Ready-to-ship' when:

        • You have selected 'Ready to Ship'

        • You have printed the relevant documents including Picklist (Manifest), Shipping Label, and Invoice.

        • Your items are properly packed and is ready to be handed over to Daraz for delivery to the customer.

        • Can I change my stock level & pricing in the midst of an active promotion?

          Pricing can not be changed for regular deals but the stock can be changed

          For flash sale, stock and prices both can not be changed.

          • Some customers are spamming our product review page, can we get the review removed?

            Fake reviews are never published; These are detected and then rejected from our system.

            • Is Daraz's appointed warehouse adequate and secure for my products?

              Yes, all items are safe and secure in Daraz Warehouse.